The Herring Festival

Did you think that the herring festival is taking place in the Netherlands ?! Yes, it's good there! But it's in June! And we will open a curtain of insanely-herring flavor for you now in the Forrest Club! The Herring Festival on the Minsk array is an event! Believe our catch is special, because by the end of May the herring reaches the ideal size and fills 14 percent of the fat content. We chose by the whole chef's team throughout Ukraine, tasting tulka, sprat, hamsu and a large herring in all markets, from all suppliers and all stores. Chose 10 species, smoked in our own smokehouse and we're ready to serve to the table. And we have also picked up the best combination of sauces: caviar, ginger, mustard and even a nori sauce. And all this with green onions, potatoes and carpaccio of mackerel on toast! Don't  you believe? Come to taste  immediately to the Forrest Club!