Romantic evenings at Forrest Club restaurant

The time when you can enjoy a warm evening by the pond in a romantic mood. This event will give bright memories to the lovers, revive the romantic life of married couples, surprise children and make all the guests of the restaurant smile.

While contemplating the lights in floating lotus flowers you can make a wish for the happy future. No wonder that this Eastern tradition is still alive. It is not only beautiful, but also full of the deep meaning.

The tradition of lighting water lanterns came to us from Asian countries. For some it is an opportunity to make a cherished wish, someone thus says goodbye to the past.

In a ny case, this incredibly beautiful ritual can not only brighten up the twilights, but also spark a light of happiness in your soul.

The pleasant music of the pianist, dozens of twinkling lights, descended on the water surface and relaxed atmosphere of the Forrest Club will create a magical mood and give you lots of positive emotions.

Welcome to the fairy tale!

Time: after 21:00 every weekend

Features: candles in water lanterns, piano