Seafood from the Chef

Seafood - inhabitants of the depths of the world ocean, small and large seafood now in our Forrest Club! 

Dishes with seafood are very useful: they contain iodine, they are suitable for diet food or diets that contain a lot of protein and are easy to assimilate.

And about exquisite, delicate taste we want to sing songs - how wonderful it is! 

We are proud to present you new items from the Chief:

✔️Nowozeland mussels with cheese and cream;

✔️Salad with seafood;

✔️ Salad with eel and avocado; 

✔️Seafood in tomato sauce with bulgur; 

✔️Octopus with potatoes and Parmesan;

✔️Sauté of seafood.

Ideal options for lunch and light dinner with a glass of white wine! 

Try it and see for yourself! 

We invite you!