KIDS WEEKEND. Show-Theater “Molecular Cuisine”

On the 7th of October Show-Theater “Molecular Cuisine” arrives in Forrest Club at KIDS WEEKEND! The children will get to a real chemical laboratory, where they learn to grow the spawn of alien fishes and prepare spaghetti of different colors from ... juice! Outstanding impressions and cool photos are guaranteed.

We will open mysteries of magic culinary in 5 pm.

We will demonstrate and surprise you  with unusual presentation of the simplest dishes. And what is the most important, we will taste it!!

The Chemistry – the best assistant of “molecular cook” – will help us.

Only in our kitchen a gigantic syringe will lie next to a plate as a cover, and only here you can eat a fruit juice with a spoon!

During our show you will see and try:

- many-colored  spaghetti made of fruit juice

- crispy popcorn with a dewy icing effect

- fruit espuma, a delicate scum that can be eaten by spoon and is decorated with green cherry!

- spawn of alien fishes of incredible color

- cryo-ice cream, made in your presence and served originally

Our kitchen will give you:

- an unusual plates

- good pictures with dishes

- cheery cooks

- the original presentation "with puff of smoke and greens"

- discovering of an interesting cuisine secrets

- sweets during the whole day!

Reservation by phone: (067) 401 39 39