About cuisine of the restaurant

Creators of Forrest Club decided not to live in geographical frameworks and united the most delicious dishes of the whole world in the menu of the restaurant. Here You can taste Ukrainian, Georgian, Italian, French, American and Hungarian cuisines. Snacks of aromatic salo adjoin here with Italian bruschettas, nourishing Ukrainian borsch - soup kharcho Georgian and Georgian khachapuri - with signature burgers. In the menu, there was a place for traditional Italian pasta and barbecue, and steaks, and for pates. Our Chief prefers local natural products, but if we need any imported production we cooperate only with approved suppliers, one of which is Tony Rastelli, an ideologist of our restaurant. Main feature of Forrest Club is grilled meat and fish. Here You can watch Your order is cooking enjoying the aroma of rouging meat. Three braziers are located in the territory of the restaurant, one of them is situated on the summer terrace, the second one in the hall, josper is contained in the kitchen.

Main drinks of the Forrest Club are beer, wine and vodka. You can find in our menu not only classical beer, but also three homemade kinds of beer such as lager, brown and  wheat. These kinds of beer are brewed in the home brewery and they are always fresh and savory attracting in Forrest Club real connoisseurs of this drink. Besides of well-known vodka’s brand we propose our guests to taste homemade alcohol drinks – nastoika, which can be ordered in degustation set. In our wine carte are mostly homemade wines – Italian and Georgian. To choose Italian homemade wine the creator of the restaurant had I big trip along Italy till he found one of the best supplier. Exactly homemade Italian wine in Ukraine You can taste in Forrest Club. It is brought from Italy in fudders which let the wine to save its primeval taste and aroma.

At the head of Forrest Club philosophy is careless relaxation in the countryside. Here is the cozy place for both sweethearts and loud companies of friends. In our fashionable country restaurant You get wide choice of pleasures and entertainments: beer fests, subject tastings, culinary trainings, musicians performances…Forrest Club is a special world You won’t ever to leave: here You have everything to spend the whole day in the company of friends with good and pleasure.