About the restaurant

The name “Forrest Club” is many-valued so everyone can find something own in it. The word “forest” reading in the name means deep forest in the edge of which the restaurant is located. “For rest” means the place where everyone can find something for its pleasure and relaxation. “4 rest” also means four restaurants in one place:  spacious main hall, glassed terrace, summer terrace and free-standing houses (huts) meant for small companies.

Quadruple encoded in the name of the restaurant is not random. Forrest Club means four seasons each of them gives the guests its own pleasure. Forrest Club means four cardinal points because in the menu of the restaurant the most appetizing dishes of the whole world are collected. And finally, Forrest Club means four elements…Fire is the meat rouged on grill. Water is local pond full of fish. Earth is wide choice of beer, wine and vodka because fertile earth exactly gives us hop, grape and wheat. Aerial element is fresh air which you get here lungful…

Forrest Club is country restaurant within the precincts of a town: You can get here in a flash from the Shevchenko Square in the outskirts of the capital. Forrest Club has modern stylish interior which distinguish it from the most country restaurants looking like huge cottages. As restaurant can admit more than two hundreds persons, here there are enough places for everybody. However, You should reserve the table in advance for holidays. But where to have a seat – in the main hall, on terrace or in one of the cozy houses – it is surely for You to decide. And off course, this place is created for banquets, Forrest Club can seat any big company. There is enough place here for everyone, special banquet menu can satisfy the most different gastronomic tastes.
Quiet life of the restaurant goes by around pond which became a home for Chinese carps Koia. Gentle murmur of small waterfall, lapping of fishes, children playing with rods…Truly happiness looks exactly like this.  It knows everyone who made a choice between the hustle and bustle of a big city in favor of nature harmony. To feel fully the pacification of this place hiding yourself from other looks, You can choose one of the houses located around the pond. Opening wide the windows of the house and enjoying aroma of needles and grilled meat You can forget any troubles. Waiter will come at the first summons but won’t be intrude. Mostly, guests come to Forrest Club looking for solitude, but if You prefer loud communications You can take a seat in main hall or summer terrace. In the evening garlands of different colors flash out over the pond and on the big screen located next to pond appears kaleidoscope of famous films’ shots devoted to meal. Unobtrusive, nostalgic music’ notes serve as a background for good memories and special lyrical mood.

Creators of Forrest Club to placed high emphasis to families with children. Room for little guests looks like professional kitchen where future cooks can prepare something for themselves and their parents; certainly they will be looked after by adults. Careful nannies together with experienced cooks teach here children culinary mastery changing learning process into amazing game with tasty prizes. Big playground for children is located in the wide territory of the restaurant, also next to it You can find real scout camp with extempore camping, obstacle course and other entertainments. In the pond located midst of restaurant Your children looked after by animator can fish to cook their catch after. Meanwhile, Your children have a good time not far away You can pay attention to local pleasures and, off course, to meal!