History of the restaurant

The history of this restaurant located of Kyiv began in USA. Leading producer of meat, Italian, living in USA Toni Rastelli likes cooking and entertain his friends at dinner. Famous restaurateurs, outstanding businessmen, Hollywood top liners often gathered at his villa in Philadelphia. They enjoy wonderful views of dense forest and good wine on terrace while host was performing some grilled magic. As time goes by, these friendly meetings get the name of Forrest Club. As among of Tony’s friends there were many Chiefs of famous restaurants, owner of the Villa charged them to cook the dinners. After receiving an invitation to the next dinner guests tried to surmise who of the star Chief would cook the dinner this time. The choice of Tony never disappointed anyone because Mr. Rastelli has a wonderful taste in food and discerns well the characters. 

After visiting Ukraine, the creator of Forest Club felt in love with our country and decided to open here country restaurant which would embody all the values peculiar to his informal club of connoisseurs of good food in the open air.  In this way restaurant Forrest Club appeared in Kyiv. Here the most appetizing dishes of the whole world united with Ukrainian culinary tradition.